The 'What's New?' Thread

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The 'What's New?' Thread

Post by DarkMatter42 » Mon Apr 23, 2018 2:00 pm

To old and new members alike, lets keep each other posted on what happened in our lives since the last reincarnation of the forum.

To not make it a letter-long monologue for each member, lets turn it into a game.
Simply propose a topic on which you want an update, and reply on the topic above you beforehand. That way we will have plenty on info on what we care about (or not :p) and it will last for several posts for each user who's participating.

As I am the first, I will decide on a piece of information I want to share, and propose a topic for the next update.

What's new with me - I have a cat! :) He is the lovely evil creature in my pic, and I love him terribly. His name is Kepler :)

Next update topic - relationships! Tell us a bit about what's been going on with your love/sex/social life recently :)

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